Payments from Specially Designated Global Terrorists

Holy Land Foundation (HLF)

Al Aqsa Foundation (AAF)

  • U.S. Designation Date: May 29, 2003
  • U.S. Government Summary: The Al Aqsa Foundation (AAF) is a critical part of the Hamas terrorist support infrastructure. Through its headquarters in Germany and branch offices in the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Pakistan, South Africa, Yemen and elsewhere, AAF funnels money collected for charitable purposes to Hamas terrorists. Like other Hamas-affiliated charities, AAF uses humanitarian relief as cover to provide support to the Hamas terrorist organization. AAF offices are included in lists of organizations that contributed to the Hamas-affiliated Charity Coalition (Union of Good) in 2001 and 2002. Pursuant to a July 31, 2002 administrative order, German authorities closed AAF in Germany for supporting Hamas. In April 2003, Dutch authorities blocked AAF assets in The Netherlands based on information that funds were provided to organizations supporting terrorism in the Middle East.
  • AKAs: Al-Aqsa International Foundation; Al-Aqsa Charitable Foundation; Sanabil al-Aqsa Charitable Foundation; Al-Aqsa Sinabil Establishment; Al-Aqsa Charitable Organization; Charitable Al-Aqsa Establishment Mu'assa al-Aqsa al-Khayriyya Mu'assa Sanabil Al-Aqsa al- Khayriyya Aqssa Society, Al-Aqsa Islamic Charitable Society Islamic Charitable Society for al-Aqsa Charitable Society to Help the Noble al-Aqsa Nusrat al-Aqsa al-Sharif.
  • Examples of Payments:


Comité de Bienfaisance et de Secours aux Palestiniens (CBSP)

Association de Secours Palestinien (ASP)

The Palestinian Association in Austria (PVOE)